March 8, 2010

when it's grey in LA...

I happen to love the grey and gloomy LA day...more than anything b/c it takes us fast-paced mavens and reminds us that there is life beyond the 80mileperhour-GO-go-Go-mentality. No matter who you are, like the fabulous song by Loudon Wainwright suggests, you can't help but yearn for those cozy pajamas and couch, and to contemplate all the cool-things-around us.

While it's grey outside, it's super sunny inside right now as I'm drinking my morning coffee & reading all the post-Oscar blog recaps. Gratefully, I came across this gorgeous Jessica Hische block letter above on DesignSponge, which really got me thinking about my favorite coffee mug (currently packed away in storage). Isn't it funny how substitute coffee mugs never really match up to your own?!

It's also probably no surprise that my favorite coffee mug is from my favorite store :) I've considered buying another for my short and temporary parental stay, but can never justify the expense. Mine is obviously the {C}. Isn't she gorgeous? I'd love to see what coffee mugs you use in the morning to start the day! Drop me a comment, or send me a link...future blog posts may apply. HAPPY MONDAY!

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