March 16, 2010

behind-the-scenes on my first photoshoot (outakes)

Buckets, buckets & buckets of flowers! We picked these up the day before, and they practically filled the entire back of the Uhaul van.

The shoot took place at the Stow House in Santa Barbara, and this was in the inside-front parlor. Here, Kirsten Ellis' assistant of Beaux Arts is helping stage the couple.

The rain showing its strength. Pools of water were starting to weight down the tarp.

Posing by the truck (I made her do this!)

Styling some plants.

Taking a break. This picture was mid-smile, and not mid-meltdown like it looks.

Putting the finishing touches on lighting. I think everyone was wondering if they rain would start-up again. Plus, it was freezing (our poor models were freezing!!!)

All that was left at the end of a great day! Be sure to check out all the real photographs from the shoot on Santa Barbara Chic and Once Wed. Thanks to Kelly and all our vendors for such an amazing day...looking forward to the next one!

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  1. WOW! This is so great! Thanks for sharing, it really showcases all the hard work that created such a BEAUTIFUL shoot... without seeing these, I'd think it was too easy to make something so beautiful. Obviously, it takes so much talent and hard work that you ladies have...