March 3, 2010

trials {and} triumphs

Its been quite a few days since I've been able to devote time to my biggest stress outlet..StellinaStellina. And in those few days, I've managed to drive almost a thousand miles, up-and-down the state visiting friends and hosting trunk shows. I am both mentally and physically exhausted, and I don't think I've ever been more ready for a work day at home than I am right now!

There are some very close people in my life who don't seem to understand, nor care to understand, nor support this major shift in my life. And tonight, at the big conclusion to a gruelsome and taxing 6 day stretch, I got into a major argument with such a person about my life choices.  And...after the amazing day I had working in SB...attending my first site/client visit working with Kelly, talking future company plans and directions, verbalizing my passions in a website's difficult to end the night with a conversation that did nothing but add height to my ever-growing stress level. I will say, though...despite the stress, and frustration and annoyance I feel right now, I have no doubt that I love my life, that there are people who do support me, and... that had I followed my heart like I'm doing now, years ago, I would have had a much more fulfilling last few years.

Just to remind myself of this very fact, and to try and stay somewhat in an inspirational/positive place, I went to my favorite place, Anthropolige. And, as if the universe was speaking to me ...and me alone... through my favorite store--the reminder came: "All is lush, All wild, All Alive!" {AMEN}

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