March 11, 2010

its morning and I'm at the office

Has anyone else ever experienced a morning where you're trying a new type of coffee from Trader Joes, only to realize upon first sniff that it smells somewhat like pulled rubber as opposed to the gloriousness you've come to expect? Welcome to my morning. With a trip to Seattle later this afternoon, and some bills coming due, however, I'm going to have to stick with it until it's done. :(

The coffee situation is annoying. But...the desk situation is ridiculous! Thank you Design*Sponge for turning me on to this crazy find.

Picture 1: the "large" steamer trunk.

Picture 2: the even LARGER (aka phat) steamer-trunk-desk. Yowzers! Now if only I had a few grand lying around...I'd be the first one in line at Restoration Hardware for one. And, because it's on wheels, imagine all the crazy things you could do with it! It could even be rolled out for a Great Gatsby themed wedding...think seating cards or signature cocktails station.

A girl can dream.

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