March 15, 2010

mid-century modern meets 36Thirty

Welcome to the seattle Magnolia district, and 36Thirty. In each of the different buroughs of Seattle, there are a plethora of architectural design-forms, all intermixed within eachother. Halli & Nick's home...mid-century modern, is exquisite. As a couple, their style is black/white/&grey-modern all-the-way, with surprising pops of design genius intermixed. This Magnolia sign above is about 12-feet long and is left over from an old chain of gas stations in the south. It was soo large it had to be shipped in two pieces.

I love this looks like something that would be on a the starship enterprise. Behind...a mainly design book display, organized in stacks by color scheme. Gorgeous.

My new favorite design magazine...I sat here for hours perusing through them.

Love this silver antler piece...there were amazing pops of black, white and silver all over the home, including various letterblocks of "n" and "h", & an old metal shoe form. I must have spent an hour walking around, looking at it all. Next up, the kitchen...

Despite the simple pallette, the house has a truly warm vibe. This picture of their kitchen island is the perfect example.

Music is always playing...especially when preparing the food (Halli is an amazing cook!)

I love this wall piece...I never knew that a "dash" was an actual measurement. Awesome.

Here is one of the "real" homeowners, patrolling the property. 

These are just a few of my own favorite pictures, and Halli & Nick are nowhere near done with all they want to update in the home. Check-out their blog, 36Thirty, and follow them along on their great design journey! Thanks Halli & Nick for a great visit!

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