March 16, 2010

behind-the-scenes on my first photoshoot (ribbon)

I like to call this the ribbon monster. Seriously, this ribbon-canopy went on forever! 540 loops later, it turned into pure gorgeousness. But, before the pictures were shot, this ribbon gorgeousness wasn't so cooperative...more on that in a second.

The ribbon scheme was added to almost every part of the wedding set.

Here, on the drink table, the ribbons added a little something extra to the blank slate design of the porch.

The original cake stand had some ribbons too. But, in the end, Kelly chose (and rightfully so) to take them off.

It was supposed to be a hot day, so we had ribbon-inspired fans ready for all our heat-stroked "guests".

Back to the monster. While the ribbons were fairly easy to put together, the hanging of the darn thing was not so easy.

Since we used ribbon, and since it was a little bit humid, ribbon chains kept coming off and falling apart. We kept re-attaching them, and decided that stick pins or stitching would be needed next time. I love our model Megan's face here...!

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