March 5, 2010

a reminder to {Be Happy}

Just a Girl in a City, one of my favorite morning-coffee-blogs sent a big reminder this am to {Be Happy} with a short list of the great, yet simple things that made her happy this week. And...I think she's on to something, so I'm going to join in with the joy:

*I'm happy for amazing new friends in my new field!
*I'm happy for the discovering of the ultimate happy hour, thanks to Ruth's Chris & great wine!
*I'm happy for a great two potential client meetings tomorrow!
*I'm happy for only 5 more days til my first business trip to Seattle (& to spend time w/close friends!)


*I'm happy for a cute little Boston Terrier who makes me smile no matter how grey the day is outside! 

Happy Friday everyone! xoxo Have a fantastic and HAPPY weekend :)

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