March 22, 2010

is it akward to ask: can we be friends?

have you ever had the experience of meeting someone for the first time, and thinking..."man, I really wish I was friends with this person?" You know, where your trying to figure out how to ask if they'd be up to meet you for margaritas next Tuesday (and not for the purpose of discussing any sort of wedding)? Well, that's how I felt today with two fantasticly adorable potential clients! They were such a fun couple, who were totally real and got the bigger picture of the wedding process (plus, it doesn't hurt that they love love love a family-style, barn wedding + the joy of a great signature drink!)

As you get older, it becomes harder and harder to meet new friends...and for someone who just moved back to the area (an area where most of my friends have long since left), I sometimes wish I had more groups of friends around. But...what do you do if you meet people who you totally want to be your new BFF's? Is it possible to ask for someone's number without sounding creeping? I wonder what Martha Stewart would say?
photo by: Ross Whitaker

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