March 23, 2010

the ultimate love letter experiment

why limit our letters of love to those we we're reminded in my all-time favorite romantic comedy, Love Actually, "If you look for it, I've got a sneaking suspicion-love actually IS all around." Asia Wong agrees. And she's set out to share this sentiment around the world, in letters of her own love, sent to absolute strangers.

In her own words: "There are always connections between people, things to admire in people, trust that goes unnoticed, small kindnesses, shared silences. There is always so much to see, and there is always so much to feel. There is so much we don't talk about, so much we have trouble believing in....In the same way that art school training is training your eye to take in and process the world around you, to stop and notice things, to learn how to really see, I wanted to train my heart how to really feel." 

Magical. Check out her journey here.

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