March 16, 2010

behind-the-scenes on my first photoshoot (take#1)

I know what you're saying, right? Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! The bride, the groom, the decorations, the photography, the food...everything looks like it was a perfect & smooth day, right??!! ha! 3 words:
The day looked mostly like this. At about 2:30, when we were supposed to be setting-up to wrap, the weather finally cleared and we were able to shoot the tablescape. Unitl 2:30, however, this gorgeous reception table area....
...looked something like this:

Really, though, it was a great day. And truthfully, even though Kelly and I both felt as we would have after working a wedding (feet dead, head jumbled, back out-for-the-count), I couldn't help but keep thinking how much I loved my life!

Check out Santa Barbara Chic for posts on the professionals pics! Next up....the decoration prep, top-to-bottom.

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