March 31, 2010

disaster strikes before the morning coffee

For those of you who know me...I'm addicted to my morning coffee. Even more crazy, though, is that I'm addicted to my morning coffee mug. I'm sure, then, you can imagine my disgust when I accidentally dropped my mug (along with my hot morning coffee) on the way to my computer.
So this morning, I went online mug shopping, and came across the most amazing website from Great Britain (thanks google search) called Not on the High Street, which has the most adorable mugs you've ever seen.

Wouldn't this be the most amazing wedding favor? Just fill the bottom with your favorite homemade cookie, and wrap in a cute little bag. Adorable!

How fun would it be to give these as a wedding gift? The typeface is so festive and flirty.

Who needs a cupboard, when you can his this adorable mug tree? And can paint it any color under the sun!

Or, for the man without a about a little breakfast in bed, with the morning coffee? Talk about a great way to start the day! These are only just a few of the amazing mugs and gifts they offer, so please make sure to check out their website ASAP!

1 comment:

  1. Love the mug with the cookie compartment! It's pure genius. :)