March 23, 2010

love notes

I had the most amazing dream last know, that dream where you're blissfully happy and totally in love? although i have yet to receive one, I love the idea of a love note. it takes us back to the days without computers and text message, when the only way to communicate across distance was through the written word. I'm going to spend today looking at love do we save I love you today?

#1. on a t-shirt, like these found on Dalloways?

#2. how about in chocolate?

#3. what about that all important question? or that all important celebration? Emersonmade has the answer in these adorable fabric floral messages.

#4. what about for the couple that's been through everything? after 25 years of marriage, what does the love letter look like? Like this...

On the night before your wedding, have a couple write a love letter to each other. Following the big day, deposit the letter into a safe deposit box, and have them re-visit the letters on their 25th wedding anniversary.

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