March 4, 2010

do you have a card?

this is the question I keep getting asked lately, and it's become somewhat of a dreaded question. Working for yourself, you come to recognize all of the things that used to come free as part of the corporate package that you no longer have: office supplies, guaranteed health insurance, computer software, etc. But, perhaps the most obvious item showing its absence is the business card. It was only a year ago when my 5000 pack of business cards came and I wondered how in the heck I was going to use them all. Now I'd give anything for a pack of business cards to arrive at my doorstep.

what's more confusing? do you represent yourself on a business card when your a contracting wedding designer, blogger and Stella & Dot jewelry stylist? Have someone be able to develop the 3-d card? How about a 3-d card with an artistic flair?

FOUND IT! Eat, Drink, Chic found it to be exact. Introducing HelloTenfold. This fantastic etsy papershop has a fantastic three-dimensional "calling card", that speaks design and artistry as much as it does contact information. Trust'll want one too:

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