March 17, 2010

what would you do with more time?

I happily awoke from a great nights sleep, to a postcard on the bathroom sink reminding me (from a conversation I had 2 weeks ago) that the power would be out for the entire morning. All this, before coffee. ugg. Determined to have a positive attitude, and without a real choice of alternative options, I sat down to start reading the 10th anniversary edition of Real Simple that I've been putting off  to read due to lack of ME time.

How ironic, then, that the entire issue is about time (getting more of it, and using it more wisely). Even though I started reading the magazine thinking about all the things I needed to be doing but couldn't, I ended the power outage wishing I had more un-interrupted time. And although I'm working on a ton of projects today, I've decided to continue the ME time trend & take a few shorts breaks to share with you some of the other things I wish I could be doing if my power was still out. Similarly, I'm curious what YOU would do with more time. So I pose a question: If your power went out, and your phone went dead, how would you choose to spend an hour for yourself? Leave a comment, and I may just feature your idea in a future post.

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