March 10, 2010

the new "working" lunch

My favorite part about this new career is that I get to experience all of my favorite things, and call it "work". Today, for instance, I had a business meeting with Sara from OneLove Photography. But, instead of the usual board-room (or mildewy bomb-shelter at one past job), I got to talk future projects {and} conduct "foodie" research for my blog...all while getting friendly photography tips & tricks.

Our location today: El Criollo. The food? Cuban goodness.

First up? Ensalada de Aguacate (Avocado salad). A true cuban treat. mmmmm

We both had cuban delicacies for our main courses as well.

I had a Media Noche sandwich

Sara had Bistec Empanizado with Morro rice. DOUBLE MMMMMMmmmmm.

To finish? The perfect classic Mojito (and in true Cuban fashion, the rum was plentiful).

The decor was a mix of old school brick and mortar, combined with contemporary art/architecture.

All in all, the service was phenomenal, the inspiration was flowing, and we're definitely going back! Next time you're in the San Fernando Valley, check it out!

Post-post note: I think the waiter thought we were food critics. Mama brought out our food to us herself, and we got exceptional service. Might be a nice tip for future restaurant visits.

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