November 5, 2009

My latest inspiraton!

While I've always relished in the beauty of wedding photography, I never took the opportunity to create my own wedding inspirations until recently. In fact...I had never even heard of an inspiration board until 6 months ago, despite the fact that I've been creating collages from magazines the majority of my life. Thanks to some amazing designer friends (Guac xoxo), I'm getting great design advice, and developing an eye for styles/looks that I never thought possible. Here's my latest...created using a program from one of my favorite favorite FAVORITE blogs, StyleMePretty. Planned by one of my favorites, love and splendor, and held at the gorgeous 3 Stones in Napa, the majority of the pictures involved convey everything I love about weddings...passion, the incoporation of elements from nature, & absolutely gorgeous style! Let me know what you think:

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