November 17, 2009

ugg...not having internet at home...stinks!

So000, I live in a cute little 600 sq. foot studio above someones personal garage. It was one of those amazing finds that defies possibility in Sonoma County....granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, crown molding, wood floors...FIREPLACE...+ utilities for $975. It's been amazing over the last year...except for one very MINOR problem: NO INTERNET!

For someone trying to start a business, research...and's nearly impossible to do anything except on the weekend at coffee shops and friends' houses. It's soo frustrating, especially when I've seen a picture online or had a conversation with a friend at work that sparks a little inspiration. I mean, how many nights a week can a stay late at work and pull-out my laptop? Especially when I have the most adorable Boston Terrier at home waiting for a walk and dinner! UGG!

Counting down the days till the big move.....

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