November 10, 2009


AS IF the day wasn't big enough...this morning I also received my first rejection email! My current focus as I'm preparing for moving down to Los Angeles is in researching the industry by contacting planners and wedding design consultants for informational interviews (I'm also asking if they offer internships/apprenticeships). Having travelled almost every weekend this month, and dealing with some all-to-frequent late nights at campus, I've only sent about 10 emails thus far (mostly to planners/designers that I either know or have a connection with). ALL of these companies are also recommended as vendors on some of my favorite and most respected blogs: Style Me Pretty and Junebug Weddings. To date...I've only heard replies from 2, one of which was this morning's "no thank you" reply.

Rejection emails are NEVER easy...but so far on this journey, I've been able to step away from the rejection and toward the possibility. For whatever reason, this company was not a good fit. But...there IS a designer/planner/company out there that WILL be a good fit. The world is abundant, love endures, and people get married everyday. As I tell my sorority women now, when they fear competition during formal recruitment from the local groups...there's a fit and a place for everyone!

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