November 20, 2009

to maid or not to maid...that is the question

So I have to say that one of my pet peeves when it comes to friends/family getting married is when you're TOLD you're going to be a bridesmaid, and never asked. To me, there's nothing more honorable than standing by someone you love as they take one of the biggest steps of their life, and I've had the pleasure of doing just that on quite a few occasions (okay...not 27 like Katherine Heigl...but for a good 8 or so of my besties!). I always oblige and say yes (or go along if I'm not asked), simply because I love my friends and I'm obsessed with weddings, but I do believe a bride has the responsibility of asking her bridesmaids. After all, while we don't mind spending time/money on those we love...the fact is, we're still spending time & money. Asking should be required! But, while asking adheres to all things proper...asking your bMaids can also be fun & might just spark some creative DIY inspiration for the upcoming wedding.

Looking through the blogs this am, I found this amazing and touching way a bride can ask her crew to be by her side. Check out these great invitations by Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day!:

Here are few other creative and DIY ideas that I love:
  • Ask them in a customized fortune, such as the ones found in these fortune cookie favors at
  • Invite your future bridesmaids to lunch, and place a different individual flower at each setting. Attach a note, with: "Will you carry this special flower down the aisle as my bridesmaid?"
  • Plan a girl's movie night to watch My Best Friends Wedding, and give everyone a small bag of carmel corn with a tag that reads: "The best view in the house, is the view by my side: Will you be my bridesmaid?"
  • Send a personalized candle, with the phrase "Be my bMaid?". Find these amazing candles at
  • Nothing says warmth like a pair of gloves. Gift each of your bMaids a different pair of gloves with a handwritten note that read: "Will you hold my hand on my special day and be one of my bridesmaids?". Check out for their amazing collection!
  • Send a cd with songs that are special to the two of you, with a cover or tag that pops the big B-maid question.
  • Antique keys are rare, and inspire visions of secret gardens & locked doors. Send each of your bMaids a different key, reminding them that you need their keys to your sole, by your side on the big day.
  • Buy a two picture, picture frame. Place your favorite photo of the two of you on one side, and a note in the glass on the other with a message that says: "Reserved for future bride/bridesmaid picture. Will you be my bMaid?"

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