November 22, 2009

sunday munday[ne]

Sunday always brings the's a battle to stay focused on the passion when you're worried about just how it's all going to come together. Sunday's are particularly hard when your single, and when you live on your own. It's the "family" night...and when your away from your family, and/or are a unit of 1, it's hard to ignore the fear when there's no one here to hold your hand and tell your doubt that it's crazy.

Then of course comes the thought that I am yet again in transition...and I hate being in transition. I'm not 100% connected at my current job, yet I'm still unsure of where my passions for weddings will take me. I don't just want to be a planner or photographer or writer...I want to be engrossed in it all. In an effort to make something happen, I'm reaching my arms and interests out in all directions of the industry, and sticking to those things that truly inspire my passion. But..I'm not quite sure if it's working or how it will turn out. And on Sunday's (especially this Sunday), that's a hard pill to swallow. I wish there was someone here...someone strong and loving, who would hold my hand and tell me everything is going to work out perfectly.

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