October 30, 2009

Dad's on board

When your planning to leave your job and follow your dreams (with no idea as to the specifics or how it's all going to come together), telling your Dad becomes the most daunting task of the process. My father (an amazing man) just retired from his job at the same company he's been working for since July 1, 1970 (dad: "39 years & 16 days...but who's counting?!"). Both my parents, for that matter, have worked at the same job for 30+ years, and plan to retire and live out their glory days in the same house I grew up in....which we moved to at the ripe age of 4. Both relish in the dependability and comfort of the tradition and status quo, and grew up in a generation where all your major life decisions were made by the age of 24.

I've been dreading having the "follow my dreams" discussion with my parents, but more specifically my Dad. My Dad is simple man, who believes in hard work, an honest man's pay, and practical living. We've been at odds over the years for some of MY life choices, simply because many of them included moving, trying something new...and leaving a job/apartment/salary that was, in my father's eyes, honest and practical. I've moved 20 times since 1998, and this upcoming move will add another notch to that belt. After my last adventure of moving across the country and back, I'm sure he'd hoped that was done moving...forever!

At the end of the day, I think his change of heart came more from his own happiness from recent events, than a true desire to actually understand me. But...whatever it is...retirement, the new puppy my parents adopted...their upcoming trip to South America...or the fact that he believes in the choice I've made, I'll take it! Especially when, at the end of the day, you have your father sitting across from you with the biggest smile and wide, open-arms of support!

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