November 24, 2009

another dark day for wedding publications

As if modern and elegant bride weren't enough, another major magazine publication will be shutting its glossy pages for good: InStyle Weddings! Who would have thunk? One of the industry's premiere quarterlys...InStyle Weddings has been one of the biggest influences in my wedding design obsession over the years. The arrival of the magazine alone can turn even the most excrutiating of days into pure bliss...and many a boyfriend have been kicked-out of the apartment for the better morning of hot coffee, scone and Instyle Weddings flipping. I don't know where this closing of wedding icons plans to end...but pretty soon I'll have nothing left to touch and cut and glue. What's next...Martha Stewart? Ugg. This news makes this wait in the dentists office soo much worse, which was something I never thought possible. Thanks economy...I wish someone would close your doors!

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