February 12, 2010

my obligatory valentines day post

for the past few weeks, I've been slowly watching and reading an ever increasing amount of blogs tackling Valentines Day....arts and crafts ideas, dinner-out options, floral bouquets etc. As someone who loves all thing pretty, it's been a great year of fresh design ideas & inspirations to get a little creative. Here are some of my favorites:

1) Kelly Oshiro's DIY tablescape! Perfect for the couple on a budget who prefers ordering Chinese and watching a movie in. Originally featured on City Sage, this tablescape would be an amazing surprise, especially if put together by your lovee.

2) These sweet "toothy" sentiments from Twig and Thistle are to-die-for. To me, a love note on ANYTHING is the perfect gift, especially when it's the first thing you would see in the morning.

3) JL Designs amazing Valentines Day bouquet collection...it transcends the boring floral norm, and gives you a choice of different designs for different tastes. I choose the California girl--I mean, who wouldn't want to have a few pieces of gorgeous fruit to share at the end of the night!

4) I'm of the camp that thinks chocolates are cheesy...but cookies? That's a different story, especially when they're shaped like hearts. These delectable Sugar Mamas treats are from the Heartbreaker Baker in Brooklyn, New York. Not sure if they ship or not, but I'd take them any day of the week!

5) And last but certainly not least....this lover of shoes found the perfect pair for the holiday from the Spring 2010 Melissa & Vivienne Westwood "Lady Dragon" collection, as originally seen on my newest favorite blog, Just a Girl in a City. They come in 7 different colors, and would be the perfect compliment to any sort of Valentines Day date!


All of the above being said, my objectionable and happy approach to the holiday hasn't always been the case...and in fact, until Valentines 2007, I had never had a "valentine" on the actual day. Even more frustrating, I have had the ominous pleasure of being broken-up with, not once BUT twice on the very day. Thankfully my most recent ex and I had an amazing dinner and snow day to break the cycle! To me now, Valentines Day has become a single girls celebration (not the Single-Awareness-Evil-Depression day as some make it out to be). More than ever, I'm proud to be single at 30...if nothing more than for the simple fact I've never settled, and I have the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want. I'm not saying sometimes it doesn't get lonely, but...for the first time in my life, I'm pretty happy and very content...boyfriend or boyfriend-not.

In the rare has-happened-in-the-movies-case, if for some reason I get a Valentine between now and Sunday, Design Sponge hits the nail on the head for the perfect Valentines Day approach. I love the idea of a Snoop Dog teddy bear filled with cash and diamonds, but I'm OBSESSED with a perfectly bunched bouquet of flowers. Worried about what to say in the card? "Tu sei una stella...la mia stella! Cara mia, ti voglio bene."

Happy Valentines Day everyone! xoxo

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