February 17, 2010

left my {heart} in san francisco

i'm truly a blessed woman to have some pretty amazing and talented friends. One of my closest (referred to as Guac in previous blog posts), Halli Thiel is a truly amazing designer and fellow blogger (36thirty & Goodwifey) up in Seattle, WA. To give you some perspective, Halli is probably my biggest advocate and supporter right now, and truthfully, someone I look up to for great advice and feedback. Her wedding in 2008 (which she and her hubbie designer created from top-to-bottom and was photographed by the amazing Belathee) was featured in Real Simple Weddings and on Style Me Pretty. I'm convinced that most of her amazing talent comes from an inert ability to see a photograph in anything!

The weekend before I left San Francisco, Halli and Nick took a trip south for a fun-little-jaunt in the great city by the bay, and I had the pleasure of joining them for a night. It was a great way to experience one of my favorites cities before I said goodbye...and for that, I will always be greatful. Here are some of Halli's favorite shots from their mini-vacay:

{above} entering the city via the scary bay bridge...watch out for the new S-curve.

{above} our hotel in SOMA...motel 6 was bought and went retro-chic

{above} the lobby...it's pouring outside, and we're pondering our decision to see the night-sights

{above} a beautiful church in bernal heights, across from the most amazing restaurant, Piqueo

{above} an example of the deliciousness

{above} an old glory at night...had the picture been taken from the top looking down, you would have viewed a much sadder scene.

{above} its as if the sign is crying: "please, come eat here! we were once good...I swear!"

{above} breakfast on the embarcadero...one of my favorite things in the entire city! always always always a must!

{above} fruit at the Market Building...stalls and stalls and stalls of amazing food.

{cheers} to mimosas, great friends, and an amazing city that I will truly miss!

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