February 5, 2010

its raining, and raining it is!

the heavens have been pouring here in So Cal, and puddles in my shoes are becoming somewhat the norm. It's hard to believe that tomorrow will be exactly one week since the big move, and its been a truly exhausting week. In a quick 7 days I've been unpacking, organizing, and getting settled (as settled as one can be in a temporary living situation), starting new jobs, waiting to hear on others, all while searching and searching for "lost" packed items, getting reacquainted with LA traffic, and challenging the idea of a work routine of "working" at "my parents" home. Yet...despite the craziness...this week HAS been truly amazing w/ tons & tons of fun firsts. Starting Monday you'll get to see and hear it all...until then, I'll be searching the last remaining boxes for a gorgeous blue boat like the one pictured above from Braedon Photography to ride out the rest of this torrential rain. Happy weekend everyone!

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