February 17, 2010

its a beautiful morning for inspiration

While the flexibility of my schedule allows me to pick and choose what I prioritize day-in and day-out, I've been so busy growing my business and networks here in LA that I've not had nearly enough time to devote to my creative side. I have piles and piles of inspirational magazines photographers waiting on standby for a new wall collage...and almost four different inspiration boards on my desktop that look a little like swiss cheese. Part of the problem has been the cluttered remnants of my move...the other part I attribute to my living situation (my brother, his gf, her daughter, my dog, my parents dog, & of course Mom and Dad are all under one roof right now. oye!). But, as the greatest spiritual masters have said, the trick to life is to find peace and serenity in every situation. So, last night I put "clear the clutter" as the biggest priority on my to-do-list, and today is the first time in a long time that I feel ready for a little designer craft session.

Before my boards are finished, though...I wanted to share an inspiration board that I came across on Snippet & Ink, one that I'm encouraging everyone to vote for as the winner of a board-to-shoot challenge. I hope my own wedding to take on this sort of theme one day, so let me know what you think (gorgeous soft pink, with dark/purply blues and gold accents...lovely!):

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