February 18, 2010

calligraphy for the cost-conscious

Nothing says romance like old school calligraphy! I remember growing up and watching movies like Father of the Bride and thinking how I couldn't wait to one day choose my own gorgeous invitations and envelopes...& almost always in this vision, these gorgeous keepsakes were hand written in whimsical cursive. Over the past couple of years however, in working on tighter budgets with brides and in re-evaluating what my own priorities would be as a bride, my goal has become somewhat affected by a strong desire to save costs and present less detailed invitations (especially since invitations almost always end-up getting thrown in the trash!).

Then...as if to answer my own internal dilemma on saving money & saving tradition, I stumbled across the solution: stamped calligraphy from Barbara Kua! Real calligraphy, from a real calligrapher, with the modern convenience of a handmade stamp! glorious :) 

Visit Barbara Kua's webpage to see more example of her work, or to purchase this amazing stamp.


  1. I need to get one of these as my return address stamp. Beautiful!