February 11, 2010

interrupted sleep

for any of you who've worked retail, or perhaps have been folding laundry and watched a neatly stacked pile of silky or satiny shirts that you've so carefully folded, fall into a pile on the floor in a sudden rush that catches you off-guard...if any of you out there have experienced this annoyance...perhaps, then, can you possibly relate to the flood of thoughts and ideas creeping into my sleep last night.

for almost the entire evening I was in that annoying "half asleep/half awake" haze, tossing and turning...constantly a witness to the stacks of "silky-satiny" ideas slipping and sliding away into giant mush-piles of new "silky-satiny" ideas. It was almost like that enchanting yet taunting melody that can both put you asleep & keep you awake...I tossed and turned all night contemplating a continuous barrage of ideas for blog posts, inspirational boards, and creative projects. What was worse, is that in this half asleep comma...I was insanely trying to solve these design puzzles, only to find myself routinely wandering yet again in a quick rush to another creative thought or idea.

I have to guess this is a common outcome for any artistic mind in the flux of opening their life to passion and purpose (and what an exciting array of design ideas these thoughts did create). At the same time, however....THESE THOUGHTS kept me awake almost the entire night! Knowing I had a long day today, I decided to take a short break from this "fake" sleep. I grabbed my nearby journal, its partner red pen, and wrote these few paragraphs to give my mind a break. I'm truly curious though...{one}, does this ever happen to any other artistic minds out there? And {two}...if so (and I'm TRULY not crazy), what are some of the ways you cope with these almost unstoppable parades of ideas from ruining a good nights sleep?

picture by Chris Everard

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