April 19, 2010

monday should always begin with tutu's

It's been a slow morning...and i must have had some sort of bad dream last night, because when I woke up I had this instant feeling of dredge and fear. weird. I spent all of my first few moments awake (you know...walking to the coffee maker, inserting coffee filter, walking to sink for water, etc.) contemplating the arduously funky mood I was in. And when I finally made it to the computer for my morning blo'wsing, I was instantly transported away from the funk with these amazing photographs taken by Tram Tan Photography.
The adult tutu's are handmade couture pieces by Gina Comeaux of Dainty Darling, who also makes infant and little girl pieces as well...(magical). I think these would make amazing bridesmaids gifts at a bachelorette party, don't you?
Below: the photographer in action, as shot by Dawn Garcia of Beautiful Barcelona, the genius behind the shoot concept, as well as the hair/makeup/set stylist extroardinaire.  
Be sure to check out Dawn's blog and Tram's blog for more of these amazing photographs.

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