April 2, 2010

Abbot Kinney...my new Disneyland!

Moving back to LA after years of moving from city to city has enabled me to experience LA from the perspective of someone new to the area. It's as if I'm re-discovering all of the amazing places I forgot existed...case in point, yesterday's trip to Venice for a potential client meeting where I had the surprise of re-discovering Abbot Kinney! Abbot Kinney is the most adorable little street/neighborhood area in Venice Beach, full of amazing foodie restaurants, boutique shops and art galleries.
One such store?...French 50s60s is an amazing home decor/design/antique/gallery that specializes in french vintage items from the 1950's and 1960's (hence the title). But beyond the furniture and light fixtures, the space is truly a magnificent work of art.
Such as this hand woven, rope mural of a woman. The detail of this piece is indescribable (this picture does not do it justice.

Two amazing chandeliers.

Tchotchkes galore! Fabulous! I was so inspired by this gallery that I started taking pictures of everything in every store on the street...here are a few of my favorite's:

Gorgeousness everywhere...I'm definitely heading back soon!

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