April 15, 2010

back from Mexico and ready for...doughnuts?

Perhaps it's the fact that sweets are a far cry from the savory Mexican food I devoured over the last few days, but somehow I'm dying for some yummy doughnuts. But...not just any doughnuts..I'm craving the amazingly gourmet version as served at the best dough-nut-eria this way of the Mississippi: Top Pot's hand-forged-goodness!
wouldn't this truck be a nice surprise for your wedding guests following a long hard night of dancing and drinks?
yummy strawberry and lemon. They have donuts in almost every color of the rainbow!
handmade with love! Find your nearest store...quick!
see???? That's what I'm talking about. My favorite was the Pink Feather Boa (coconut, strawberry, and champagne? any day!). What will your favorite be? To find out more, visit here. And...thanks always to 36Thirty for the amazing photographs.

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