January 16, 2010

soul food

As a woman, I felt empowered for the first time at 18 years old. And...that empowerment... to be a better person, to make an impact, to follow my passions ...all came that sweltering September day when I received a bid from my beloved sorority. More than ten years later, I still find my biggest empowerment moments to come from sharing stories and gaining perspective from the women in my sisterhood who have lived the most strong-willed, passionate, heartbreaking, joyful & fascinating lives' , each of which inevitably brings me one step closer to the woman I see myself to be. I am so grateful for these experiences...and for my sisters' support. Just this past weekend even...sharing the state of my current journey; the hope and joy and excitement my sisters' have in my quest is inspirational and quite timely for the topic of our meeting: women in leadership. {my cup runneth over in gratitude and blessings}

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