January 14, 2010

snow angels

my life right now is pure craziness. I officially have 7 days of work at Sonoma left, one complete weekend at home, and 17 million things to do (not to mention 2 trips out of town in the next week--one of which could turn out to be life changing). I'm in desperate need of late night Internet, so here I am at Borders taking advantage of their educational re-investment program (aka, free Internet to those starving higher ed professionals without). But, despite the extra 20 minute drive to Santa Rosa, and the late night arrival back at the humble studio, these next two hours will likely turn out to be my favorite part of the day. When I blog, peruse wedding websites, and view the latest art nouveau of the DIY realm, I feel like a kid making snow angels (or, as I'm sure the bride and groom in the photo above from Jeff Newsom likely felt)--free, happy, and completely one with the natural world! ahh....

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