January 5, 2010

putting the holidays away + finding balance

My studio sort of looks like this picture I found on She Walks in Beauty...with a few extra boxes and suitcases. In the midst of putting away the holidays, I'm also putting away my life here in northern California. Having been in Los Angeles for two weeks and having stayed in the old room at my parents that will temporarily become my new homely haven, I'm somewhat mourning the glory of having my own space. Just like my passion to make each and every wedding day feel like "home" for my couples, so too do I feel passionately that your living space should make you feel at peace every single day. And I'm worried...despite my best efforts, the room I once relished as a child has now become somewhat of a shell. It feels temporary, small and solitary to the 650 sq feet I've averaged over the last few years. In addition, it is the only space where I feel creative...the rest of my parents house is older, cluttered and filled with everything Mom and Dad (which is great for the occasional visit of nostalgia..but not so great when it comes to my new, more simplified self). I love my parents...and I am so grateful that I have a place to live as I journey into the unknown, but there's alot that can be said to having an inspirational space when you're in the inspirational business. Here's to hoping for a six month "lease"...and finding a new and equally inspirational studio when I'm ready to leave the nest!

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