May 11, 2010

foodie report. the wedding cupcake-32 flavors of desserts & counting

Meet Ming Makes Cupcakes! 32 flavors of the most complex and flavored cupcakes you will ever eat. Before my journey into the wedding world, I spent one crazy summer in high school working at a chain ice cream store. For the sweets lover, getting a job that allowed you to take home $3.50 in ice cream each night was a blessing. For the teenage girl living in Los Angeles, the 20+ lbs I packed on in 3 months was more like a curse. Suffice it to say, I have a passion for sweets, which is why the wedding dessert is always at the forefront of my mind. Imagine my excitement, then, when I came across Ming's site. The blog itself is like an art gallery of dessert photographs combined with the efficiency of a recipe card catalogue.

Wait...Hate cupcakes? No worries! There are cookie recipes & savory scone and muffin recipes, too!
This blog is perfect for the foodie bride or groom looking to DIY your wedding desserts. With 32 unique cupcake flavors to choose from (my fav? number 18: Sour Cream Apricot Cupcakes with Marscapone frosting & Toasted Almonds shown above), you're sure to find a treat to satisfy bride, groom, & wedding guests alike!  Visit this amazing blog-your guests will thank you!


  1. you are EVIL! they all look amazing. making the raspberry ones tonight for my momma.