May 24, 2010

a little wedding blogger vacation comes to an END

Happy Monday everyone! Last week, I took an unexpected, yet much needed break from wedding blogging (except, of course, for my Santa Barbara Chic inspired post). Today starts a new week, with a new round of wedding inspiration...{and} I'm excited to share with you what I've been up to, and how things are going.
Since this week is supposed to be so gloomy outside, I thought we all might need a little sunshine! All this week I'll be going are some long awaited top pics from my trip to Mexico last month:
Wouldn't this be a gorgeous wedding arch?

A contrast in colors (and my five seconds (literally) of model fame!)
Doesn't one of these sound great right now?

Perhaps a little sunscreen might be in order?

Yummy deep fried beach treats...mmmm. Thanks 36Thirty for these great shots...& for organizing such a great trip (can we go Doreenie and Halli--xoxox always! More to come this week!

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  1. for your latin glitz pick ... maybe a big, fabulous authentic turquoise necklace?