May 6, 2010

thoughts from a passion-filled life.

Here we are...another Thursday, and I'm forcing myself to contemplate life. And this morning, I'm somewhat resisting have to admit what I think needs to be said. As anyone having lived through an intentional life transition might attest, part of moving forward requires letting go. Throughout my life, the universe seems to always supply what I've needed. In college, that desire was for a feeling of validation--that I had something to offer the world beyond my simple existence. That validation came through the leadership opportunities in my sorority, and I've been forever attempting to repay my gratitutde ever since. Last year I was asked to be part of an amazing committee dedicated to educating and empowering our sororoity women, and I've had the most amazing and personally empowering experience over the last year as a contributor to this team. I am, embarking on a major life transition, and I find myself at a point where I'm letting my committee members down in my commitments, as the result of a new life/work schedule that leaves very little time for much beyond all-things-wedding. Admittedly, I've always had difficulty saying no or moving-on, which often creates procrastination and disappoint. And despite every personal intention not to, I seem to have done it again. For those I've let down, I truly apologize. Please know...while not reflected in my actions, I've forever grateful and humbled for getting to be in the presence of such amazing women.
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