May 13, 2010

thoughts from a passion-filled life.

All that keeps repeating in my mind is: tired, tired, tired! *
It's amazing how exhausting working can become, especially when you're sort of doing three jobs in one. Having spent the first few months of this journey working from myself...I had forgotten how demanding working at an office can become, both physically and emotionally. Now that I'm working from home AND working in an office, I feel almost overwhelmed sometimes with how much wedding information I have stirring around in my brain. *
Don't get me wrong...I love every minute of it!! But doing what you love in such a manner does take its toll! Like right desk, my room...they look like war zones. I always think that I'll have an afternoon on the weekend to get organized, but then (as if in some perfect tradition), my weekend gets full. For example, since I've been out of town for the last two weekends, this Saturday and Sunday were supposed to be relaxation time, spent lounging by the pool with family & watching movies cuddled on the couch with my dog. Now...I'm heading out for date number 2 with a great guy, driving to Santa Barbara for alumnae sorority work and some wedding location scouting, and working to develop and create the remainder of this month's blog calendar. Oye! *
I AM tired, but there's no way I'd give it all up, or choose to slow down. I keep repeating the same vision over and over in my head--&, it's that vision that makes the piling laundry and physical exhaustion worth every second of the craziness. *
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