December 19, 2009


yes, I KNOW! It's been forever and a day since my last post. But, I promise it's been crazy enough to warrant a little vacation from my favorite topic in the world: wedding design. Thanks Halli for the swift kick in the pants. and...[drum roll], I'm bacK! and...[steel drum roll], I'm on a major holiday VACAY! so, as many of you know, vacation for me, means wedding bliss for you.

Speaking of...I'll be wedding blogging/design scoping and styleboard creating for a couple friends weddings, plus a million little tasks to prepare for the big move back down to Los Angeles...oye! Oh yeah, and did I mention that I have an awesome interview with one of my favorite planners for a possible part-time administrative position with her company in Santa Barbara? Yipee!! Is it no surprise then that this single gal is holed up at her parents house, doing laundry and watching a little Sex and the City before catching some much needed beauty sleep?

Sweet "wedding" dreams everyone! [I mean, who wouldn't on this dream bed I found on flickr!]

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