December 28, 2009

3 more days until the big 3-0

The holidays have come and gone, and yet again I find myself wondering how time can move so quickly. In three short days I turn 30...and another decade of my life will begin. Where have these last ten years gone? What have I accomplished? A master's degree...a couple amazing pupster Frankie...three trips to Europe; some truly great things have happened. Which makes me reflect why I still feel unsettled and anxious and want more from my life: more freedom, more time doing the things I love, more time with the PEOPLE I love. As the big move gets closer, I've really started to feel that I have an obligation to dedicate the next ten years to do more of the things I love, and less of the things I think people would love for me to do. My hope and belief is that next December I can say I am in the wedding and event design business....that I'm writing, and traveling, and enjoying time with friends. I will be in a new amazing place of my own, have a successful line of design products, and feel happy & healthy in all aspects of my life.

The picture below was taken by my friend Stacey who spent the last two months in Europe as the pre-empt to a career change and new's an amazing shot, one I know I will share one day with my husband on our honeymoon! I hope it will remind you (as much as it does me) to always follow your heart!
HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! May you challenge yourself to live your dreams now, and become the person you want to be. :) See you in 2010!

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